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memories of university 1982 – sound bite

Published October 25, 2013 by megdedwards

I was sitting in college watching two professors getting coffee and wondering about the tradition of wearing academic gowns around campus like so many wandering old Hamlets. But even as I contemplated all the reasons and tried to be sympathetic to tradition and institutions I noticed that they had been looking for the correct tops to their coffee cups for quite some time.

I smiled, amused at the daily troubles of absent minded professors. They were tottering away, pursing their lips and pushing their glasses up their noses when  one of them made a spectacular wave of his arms, as if suddenly and most unexpected from his grey character, he had a wild idea and was about to expound with excited arm waves and a loud voice.

But he had caught his robe on the cafeteria counter and the action had pulled him back suddenly, making him lift his fortunately topped coffee  suddenly into the air.  I watched him as he  carefully backed up and unattached himself and followed his friend in unhurried steps.

Calving Season

Published October 1, 2013 by megdedwards

There was a sharp glint of pink in the universe,

northern lights crackled in the night sky.

There was a deep crack and rolling rumble,

a seismic icy shift, and a quiet shaking

that formed a crack in the mountainous block of ice, the glacier,

the glacier that is me, the mother of you,

when you moved away.

My little world, my grown woman,

you broke off and dropped into the deep cold blue waves.

I see you bobbing up, crowned with the rosy morning sun.

Sparkling like a diamond, glowing ruby,

an aura of love and warmth around you.

The whole world will change, the water will heat up,

Volcanoes will erupt underwater, hot lava freezing on contact with icy water.

The tremors will shake the world, continents will shift a few centimeters,

because you moved.

The earth’s surface is altered, the skin has rippled,

islands are rising out of the sea,

and the mountains have leaned back, sighing.

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