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poor persecuted pervert?

Published October 27, 2014 by megdedwards

A good article; knowledgeable and thorough. It is true, we have to keep listening and thinking when people come forward to complain about assaults.I am still listening.

Sex Geek

There’s a scandal breaking in Canada. It’s about BDSM. Or is it? I’m not so sure.

Short version: Jian Ghomeshi is a wicked popular CBC host, and the CBC just fired him without disclosing why. He’s retaliating with a $50 million lawsuit (unheard of in non-litigious Canada) and a demand for reinstatement. On Sunday, he made a Facebook post which discloses that he’s kinky and about to be defamed by an unnamed ex-girlfriend and several other past dates she’s recruited, who will insist that his behaviour was non-consensual. A couple hours later, I heard about a semi-recent xoJane article by Carla Ciccone detailing some very creepy behaviour on the part of an unnamed “Canadian C-list celebrity” whom many speculate is Ghomeshi. This article has apparently earned her a serious thrashing by trolls. Later Sunday evening, the Toronto Star posted an article detailing their interviews with four women who are remaining…

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E-Learning and the Generation of “Digital Natives”

Published October 7, 2014 by megdedwards

E-Learning has been transformed into E-Walking Talking Texting

Libraries Live!

 E-learning is so yesterday, what we are talking about now is mobile learning. Today’s students expect to be connected to their e-resources at any time and in any place.

And because cell phones are becoming ubiquitous, many libraries and universities are working on ways to offer services though hand held personal devices. Some universities, like Duke University, are even providing first year students with IPods.

Smart Phones are limited in some ways, with one way communication and small screens, but still can be used to introduce new concepts such as ‘text a librarian’,  a virtual reference service, or even a resource in which  a student can text a call number and record.

In ” Smart Phones: Potential Discovery Tool” an article written by Wendy Startweather and Eva Stowers from University of Nevada, Las Vegas, the authors argue that the university should encourage their staff and instructors to create experimental outreach projects to reach the students.


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