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The Birds and the Bees

Published September 26, 2013 by megdedwards





A cool grey morning after the school bus pulls away and

 I am sitting on the cold damp rocking chair on the porch,

Sipping lukewarm tea.

Watching the crows yell information at each other;

They keep a beady eye on me as they eat our breakfast crusts.

The blanket on the chair was precious, a striped throw with burnt orange stripes;

But what once was Mom’s favorite blanket is now becoming just a blanket.

The racoons have left some discarded food on it.                    

Without a desire to move, I note the birdfeeder dumped on the ground

By the night creatures with little hands.

A whirring little hummingbird approaches the porch for one last meal before heading south;

I am quiet and motionless, attempting invisibility.


My hands are spotted and freckled, varnished by the elements.

As we age our skin thins, leaving our skeleton and circulation system exposed.

I am quietening sharp menstrual cramps from a diminishing cycle,

 bright red blood is soaking my rags, like an alarm.

I am no longer a young woman, harassed and exhausted, stalked by life.

No more babies, no more milk in my breasts, no more life in my womb.


I am the slow moving spider, making one more web.

I am the big bumbling bee on her way to Nirvana, pollen weighing down her flight.


One bee has fallen asleep in a flower, her bum exposed,

but she no longer cares. Her little spirit is summer and honey.

A fat spider pulls her beautiful body into herself when I speak to her,

tucking herself in tight against the outside world.

Her web is broken and decorated with leaves and dead bodies.

She has crept into a quiet corner and is slowly becoming something else.



More Poetry from a Dusty File

Published February 22, 2012 by megdedwards



I am a mess

inside my head,

ideas roam about like cattle

chased by dogs and men.

Constant fear and fullness

Hold the world near to me.

My voice stops at my mouth,

held british tight no weakness.

Pour spirits thru my teeth,

my very own sweet mouth,

will weaken, face redden, eyes brighten,

words trickle out, drop by drop.

I am moving further back into my head,

a full world there,

where I can marvel,

an animal only,

with the sensual spirit of the earth.

I am transcending,

I have nothing,

I am nothing.

Do not speak.


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